Week 9 House Hiatus

My wife and I started house shopping recently and that’s been an all-time-consuming endeavor. I’ve managed to get a few things done though and hope to get back in the swing of things in the near future.

Also, I’ve got some exciting news! I started fiddling with Unity over the last few weeks (perhaps a bit of a mistake because now I want a lot of Unity features in my The Staff of Lewis engine) and it resulted in a tiny prototype of a game I’ve been wanting to make for a couple years. I’m looking forward to finishing The Staff of Lewis so I can start in on some of these new ideas! GIF of the prototype below!

Secret Project Test GIF

Getting back to The Staff of Lewis, here’s a gameplay GIF with some of the recent changes. Look at those CHICKENS!

*The Staff of Lewis* Week 9 Overview GIF

That GIF is actually a test of when I initially showed my wife the new chickens. I’ve significantly toned back the number of chickens that spawn now. Here’s a GIF that’s more indicative of actual gameplay.

*The Staff of Lewis* Week 9 Overview GIF

Recent progress:

  1. Added chickens
    • Chickens can be placed in the world manually in the level editor but they’re also thrown by Lewis sometimes instead of bombs (since Lewis is a chicken master)
    • Chickens peck the ground until they’re startled and then they fly away
  2. Added flowers
    • The world needed some life and subtly animating flowers seem to have done the trick
  3. Added Flint (a new playable character) to the character select screen
  4. Tweaked the keyboard input code so menus can have debounced input
    • Meaning you can move one-by-one through menu options instead of shooting from the leftmost to the rightmost option

Next goals:

  1. Finish making Flint playable
  2. Finish world 1-1
    • This means I need to finish the game dialogue for world 1-1
  3. Have people playtest world 1-1